Painted Arrow Outdoors Mag-Pro Plus

The Painted Arrow Mag-Pro Plus gives archers a lightweight rock-solid point-of-view camera solution for self-filming and features magnets inside the housing to keep your phone secure.

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Why we like this product

  • Constructed out of 14 gauge 1008 carbon steel with a dual-layer powder coat finish
  • Weighs in at just 4.2 oz so it won't throw off the balance of your system
  • Mounting slot was designed to fit most common stabilizer threads (5/16)
  • Rock solid point of view camera solution giving archers the ability to easily replay their shots
  • Specifically designed for archers who have a heavy draw weight (65lbs+)
  • New 8-degree mount is compatible with 8 - 10 degree quick disconnects

The Painted Arrow Mag-Pro Plus is the ultimate point-of-view camera solution for archery hunters who need a little extra hold power. The Mag-Pro Plus is the big brother to the Mag-Pro and contains twice as many magnets inside the housing securing your phone for recording. The Mag-Pro Plus was specifically designed for archers who have higher draw weights, 65 lbs+ that experience more vibration on the shot. This is a great option for hunters with larger cell phones to ensure the highest video quality possible. Filming gives you the chance to relive the moment for years to come. Watch the shot and see if the deer went left or right and see where the shot landed and if you need to give them more time before blood trailing. The Mag-Pro Plus is offered in an 8° drop variant for hunters who use 8° or 10° quick-disconnect drops.

Weight 4.2 oz
Dimensions 4.5" x 4.1" x 5"
Material 14 gauge 1008 carbon steel
Compatible with 5/16 stabilizer threads
Painted Arrow Outdoors

Painted Arrow Outdoors Mag-Pro Plus


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