Nexxus Infinity Arrow Shaft & Defender Outsert - 12 Count

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GOHUNT Highlights

  • Micro diameter arrow shaft built specifically for big game hunting
  • These 4.2mm diameter shafts provide increased penetration decreased wind drift
  • Pairs with the Defender outsert system for an extremely durable arrow

Manufacturer Highlights

  • .166 Inner diameter
  • Nocks, Inserts, and Outserts are included
  • Straightness tolerance of .003

The Nexxus Infinity Shaft is a micro diameter arrow built specifically for big game hunting. With an outer diameter of 4.2mm, the Infinity shaft offers increased penetration and decreased wind drift compared to a standard diameter arrow. Paired with the Defender outsert system this arrow brings unmatched durability and lethal stopping power for game of any size.


Outsert Weight Aluminum: 50 grain
Grains Per Inch 250 - 11.1
300 - 10
350 - 8.87
400 - 8.05
Outside Diameter 250 - .252"
300 - .245"
350 - .238"
400 - .232"
Inside Diameter 250 - .166"
300 - .166"
350 - .166"
400 - .166"
Factory Length 250 - 32"
300 - 32"
350 - 32"
400 - 31"
Quantity Per Pack 12

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Evan Schroeder
Nexxus infinity 300 arrows

I love these micro diameter arrows, especially for the price.I bought a dozen for a TAC event and shot them for that with the 50 gr aluminum outserts. The defender outsert system can be a little tricky, I had to sand a couple shafts to get the outsert to screw all the way onto the insert but nothing I haven’t done with other brands. The outsert doesn’t hold up any better to shooting boulders than other systems but I did retrieve more arrows than my buddy… After reading some of the reviews I was nervous to continue using them so I bought another dozen. All of them have had no problems except for losing one insert, you can slap a victory outsert on just the same so that was nice. Shooting about 495 grains total with 4 fletch aae hybrid 23’s, arrow wrap, lighted knock, 50 gr outsert and it blows a grim reaper strait through deer. I get much better pentration on tougher skinned hogs in FL than I did with my carbon express maxima reds. As long as they keep stocking them, I will use them. They have been solid thus far.

Randall norred
Going back to my old trustys

I really like the insert system. I didnt have issues with them coming out (I use golf club epoxy) but I dont think the are as tough as they claim. I have been getting a lot of broke nock ends. A few from stacking arrows, but 3 were completely random. Never had an issue with my Axis 5mm. So when I go through these then Im going back to the Axis.

Lucas Palmer
Disapointed with these outserts.

This is a two part component system a half out and a collar. The collar threads onto the half out. However check the length of your desired broadhead and field points so far I have not found a single point/broadhead that will seat against the collar when the collar and half out are fully screwed together. As such you have to leave the collar loose and unthread the collar to meet the should of the point/broadhead. This makes spin testing nearly impossible. Backstory I bought these arrows for my wife I have personally been shooting day six for two years and just ordered her some Sirius arrows with ethics components with collars for her. I have never had any other insert/outsert system with this problem. If these increased the distance from the internal threads of the collar to the front of the collar which abuts the point they would be fine. I originally thought I got a bad batch however gohunt graciously sent me more all of which where made the same as the original ones which to me is a critical problem with these components. Points/broadheads tested for fitment include easton field points, trophy taker points, magnus broadheads, kudu broadheads, slick trick broadheads, and a grim reaper broadhead. . Good luck if you choose to use this arrow system they can be made to work but you loose structural integrity and/or broadhead and field point options in doing so. I only have experience with the titanium version. I was able to attach a few photo to illustrate the issue.

Derek Burgett
Great arrows

I really like these arrows but I’ve encountered several issues. I’ve now bought 3 dozen arrows total. 2 dozen 350s and a dozen 300. Standard setup is 430-475 for a 29 inch arrow. All components are great and well made. First issue- the outserts pull out. I’ve use epoxy and hot melt and cleaned the inside and everything. Tried multiple targets(bag, foam, 3D) seems that the higher quality targets that have good foam will pull them easier. Bag targets are a no go. It’s all fun and games till you lose a $3+ Outsert cause it pulled out in the foam and is lost in the target.
Second- the labels wear off. Not a functional issue but the labels on my shafts have started to wear off and scuff. No longer readable. Again these are great quality arrows.

Nathan Stutesman
So far so good

In looking at all different set ups and arrow options I decided to go with the Nexxus 300 spline with the titanium outsert. Took a little while to get them all to spin straight(could have been my arrow cutter). All cut to 27 5/8 with the outsert system, where my normal arrow length is 28.5. Setting up my single pin sight has been a breeze as these arrows are flying wonderfully. Definitely spend the time on the front side dry fitting to line up where they are spinning the best before gluing in the outsert.

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