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Gold Tip Arrow Tube

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GOHUNT Highlights

  • Going to the range or horse backing into your favorite honey hole, keep your arrows safe and organized
  • Extends from 24.5" to 39.5" to accommodate a wide range of arrow lengths
  • Fits 12 arrows with the included arrow holder

The Gold Tip Arrow Tube will keep a dozen arrows safe and organized whether you're going to the range, road-tripping to your hunting spot, or getting hauled 15 miles into the backcountry on horseback. It's adjustable in length from 24.5”- 39.5” and includes an arrow holder for 12 arrows.

Weight 14.5 oz
Length 24.5" - 39.5"

Customer Reviews

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Kyle Miller
Not Very Sturdy

These got my arrows from A to B but the tube itself is pretty flimsy. We got packed in on horses and when they were cinching down the tie downs on the panniers, they crushed my arrow tube and I had to have them fix it. Luckily my arrows and vanes weren't damaged, but if they were, that would've ruined my whole hunt before I even left the trailhead. Not saying it's a bad product, but for my use, it wasn't nearly strong enough and I'll be picking up a sturdier product from goHunt

Tony Isaacs
Arrow Tube

Works great! Holds arrows firm and protects them well.

Andrew F
Nice product, could be better

This is a good product, but the mechanism to lock in the length could be better.


Good arrow tube. Exactly what I was looking for. I am a backcountry hunter who needs to get arrows miles in without getting damaged. This is perfect for my use. It is not super heavy duty, it is thin plastic just ridged enough to protect arrows from being smashed in a pack. It is not airline proof or horse proof.

Pro: Lightweight, foam divider separates arrows keeps fletches from getting bent, adjustable length, foam in ends, carry strap length can be adjusted.

Con: Cap is right hand threaded but tube length adjustment is left “turn right to loosen”… So when you are tightening the cap, the two sleeves unlock and the tubes rattle, could come apart. This can be fixed with a wrap of duct tape but it seems like a design flaw.

Also there is a snap on cap on one end that covers a solid end of the tube. Someone put time, effort, and money making sure this is there but I have no idea why. For a ID card? Maybe hold a single piece of paper? Why is that there???


Great to keep your fletches from getting warped.

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