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Black Gold Pro Dovetail 5 Pin Bow Sight

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- 5 pin slider sight that offers smooth and quiet adjustment. Wing Truss Dovetail mount allows you to find the sweet spot for peep alignment
- Micro adjustable individual pins, windage, and elevation with 2nd, and 3rd axis adjustability
- Black Gold pro CNC machined pins are the brightest on the market

The new 2019 Black Gold Pro Sight is simply one of the best archery sights you can buy. Black Gold took the best of its already amazing adjustable sights and added a ton of new features to give us their best sight yet.

  • NEW! Tapered Pro Pins with click micro adjust
  • NEW! Wing Truss ultralight base 
  • NEW! Individual and gang pin adjustments
  • Legendary "Dial of Death" adjustment system
  • Full click micro adjustment-gang windage and elevation.
  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd axis adjustment, 1st and 3rd micro adjust
  • weighs only 11.7 oz

Adjusting the new Black Gold Pro Sight pins has been seriously overhauled! An easy new click micro system has replaced the old wheels that moved the pins up and down. You can fine tune each individual pin, or all of the pins at the same time with 1 click micro adjustment knob. Each pin has a lock screw AND an engagement screw. If you want to adjust a pin, simply loosen its lock and engagement screws and turn the knob. Each click gives you a measured adjustment and 1 full turn (8 clicks) is approximately equal to 1 inch at 20 yards. Dial in each pin precisely where you want them.

Sight Type Slider
Number of Pins 5 pin
Pin Size .019
Weight 11.7 oz
Mounted Length 5.5" to 7.75"
Housing Size 1.75"
Adjustment Vertical and horizontal gang click micro adjustments, 1st, 2nd & 3rd axis
Material 6061 T6 Machined aluminum
Warranty Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee
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