Bitzenburger Left Hand Helical Clamp

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GOHUNT Highlight

  • Never worry about slipping when using this clamp
  • A great addition to your arrow building kit
  • Will give you consistent results for years to come
  • Used with a Bitzenburger Jig when you want a left helical on your arrows

The left helical clamp is ground with a radius to achieve a true helical fletch. Each die-cast clamp is precision-ground to assure identical blade matching. Hollow recess allows for thumb and fingertip control preventing slippage in hand. Use the graduated scale at the rear of the base of the Clamp for consistent spacing of feathers and vanes.

Customer Reviews

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Not for vanes of 3" or less in length

If your a trad shooter fletching 4 or 5 inch feathers this would be great however if you shoot short vanes of around 3 1/2" or less you will not get a helical effect with this clamp. It will be straight with an offset and is harder to set up due to the angle grind and curve of the clamp. You will be better off with a straight clamp and an offset. With the straight clamp you can set it up for right or left offset and the straight clamp is much easier to set up. I do like my Bitzenburger but with a straight clamp. Use the Arizona if you want strong Helical with say a Blazer vane.

Kevyn Feiner
5 but there’s one thing..

I should have done some more research. The helical angle is not a very strong angle and to get it to a little more of a helical, you have to fuss with it a little more than they probably want you to. Still a great machine and very precise. If you are looking for a stronger helical, I’d look into something else before I bought this.


Old school and still the best

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