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Swarovski 1.7x Magnification Extender

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GOHUNT Highlights

  • Increases your magnification without sacrificing quality
  • Weighs only 6.7 oz, meaning you can extend the range of your spotting scope without adding significant weight to your pack
  • A great way to maximize the potential of your Swarovski spotting scope

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Can be used with any spotting scope in the ATX/STX/BTX family
  • Increases the BTX magnification from 35x to 60x when paired with the 95mm objective module
  • Warranty - Manufacturing and material defects

The ME 1.7x magnification extender increases the magnification by a factor of 1.7. You can quickly and easily attach it using the bayonet catch to all the objective and eyepiece modules in the ATX / STX / BTX family. In the case of the BTX 65 and 85, the magnification increases from 30x to 50x, and from 35x to 60x for the BTX 95.

Weight 6.7 oz
Length 2"W x 2.9" H
Manufacturer Warranty Manufacturing and Material Defects

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Thomas Lowe
Game Changer

This thing is a game changer. I can use my btx and leave the spotter eyepiece at home. Sure the imagine isn’t quite as bright but it is sure good enough to take a closer look at long range.

Andrew Busch
Good light

You need great light for this to work on the 65mm. Hoping the 115 will make it better.

Great quality

It is a great way to maximize what the stx/atx can offer. Worth every penny. Also invest in a good tripod though.

Joshua Eveland

Swarovski 1.7x Magnification Extender

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