Ultraview Archery The Hinge 2


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Ultraview steps up their hinge game with the newly designed, The Hinge 2.

Why we like this release
  • Micro-adjust for the click and fire moons
  • Dead quite magnetic head retention
  • Comfort, and consistency shot after shot
  • Accessorize with The Hinge 2 Hunting Bracket in 2, 3, or 4 finger options
  • New Matte Black / Stainless Steal finish

With The Hinge 2, Ultraview started their design by looking at the human hand. How the release fits the hand is extremely important, your hand is what provides input to the release. Ultraview measured hundreds of hands to figure out how they work, down to the bone, and muscle. The Hinge 2 release is truly one of the most comfortable releases you can shoot. Designed to fit your hand perfectly every time you draw your bow back. This consistent hand placement helps you develop rock-solid shot execution, and tighter groups shot after shot. The Hinge 2 provides micro-adjustments for the timing of the click and fire moons. Staying silent is key when stocking in close to your target, a small magnet is used to hold back the head keeping it from flopping around. The new matte black stainless steel finish looks awesome and helps prevent the release from rusting out over time. Take The Hinge 2 to the next level by attaching 2, 3, or 4 finger hunting brackets for a custom feel.

Weight 2.1 oz (Medium / Aluminum)
4.2 oz (Medium / Stainless Steel)
2.5 oz (Large / Aluminum)
5 oz (Large / Stainless Steel)
Micro - Adjust Yes
Height 1.65"
Manufacturer Warranty Limited
Ultraview Archery

Ultraview Archery The Hinge 2


Built by GOHUNT

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