Tricer LP Pan Head

The Tricer LP Pan Head is the lightest pan head currently on the market. This tripod head pans as smoother if not more so than any other head out there and weighs only 4.5 ounces.


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Why we like this product

  • 4.5 ounces!!!
  • Ultra-compact and lightweight for the perfect backcountry glassing system
  • Arca-Swiss compatible
  • Carbon fiber stubby handle gives you perfect control without taking up space and weight in your pack
  • Features 3/8-16 threads to fit most standard tripods

The Tricer LP Pan Head is by far the lightest pan head on the market weighing just 4.5 oz. The lateral and horizontal panning is unmatched in pan heads and will compete with any fluid video head. Features a stubby carbon fiber handle and is only 2.75" tall the LP will take up less room and weight in your pack making it the ultimate in backcountry glassing tripod head. The Tricer LP Pan Head is Arca-Swiss compatible and features 3/8-16 threads so it will accommodate most plates and tripods on the market for a seamless upgrade to your glassing system.

Type Pan Head
Weight 4.5 oz
Height 2.75"
Base Mount 3/8"-16 Thread
Manufacturer Warranty
Limited Warranty

Tricer LP Pan Head


Built by GOHUNT

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