Gunwerks Revic Stabilizer Hunter Tripod

Whether glassing or shooting the Gunwerks Revic Stabilizer Hunter Tripod Kit gives you the quality and stability needed for long-range hunting and shooting applications.

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Why we like this product

  • Provides stability for shooting and glassing in different positions or terrain
  • Max load capacity of 33 lbs for supporting heavy rifles, cameras, or optics
  • Has a useable height range between 6.25" - 66.5"
  • Solid shooting support from the prone, sitting, kneeling, or standing positions
  • RB-40 ball heads pan feature makes for easy glassing and articulation for shooting
  • Five leg sections with twist locks, a large 32mm tube diameter, and three angle stops

The long-range hunter needs a quality tripod for both glassing and shooting. Shooting off a tripod opens a wide range of shooting opportunities that the prone-only hunter otherwise misses. Gunworks configured the Revic Stabilizer Hunter Tripod as the perfect all-around application for balancing weight, stability, features, quality, and affordability.

The RS-532c carbon fiber tripod legs feature a 32mm max tube diameter, five leg sections, 66” max height, and twist locks, with a max load capacity of 33 lbs. The large-diameter carbon legs are stiff and lightweight providing you with a solid shooting and glassing platform without weighing you down. Three angle stops on the legs give you adjustability in a variety of positions and terrain.

The RB-40 Ball Head is Arca-Swiss dovetail compatible and features a large 40mm ball diameter with a 3/8-16 mounting hole, pan feature, and multiple tensioning knobs. The RB-40 head provides a stable platform for glassing and plenty of articulation for shooting from any angle or position. With the Stabilizer Hunter Tripod, you can leave your bipod at home and achieve a solid shooting position while prone, sitting, kneeling, or standing.

The Phoenix Shooting Bags Tony Bag of Doughnuts is a great option if you don’t want your rifle attached to the tripod while shooting, simply lay the bag over the tripod head and rest your rifle on the bag. The kit includes two Arca-Swiss plates, interchangeable spike feet, a weight hook, Allen wrenches, a carrying case, and instructions.

Material Carbon Fiber
Weight 4 lbs 7.2 oz
Max Height 66.5" (ground to top of plate)
Min Height 6.25" (ground to top of plate)
Folded Height 19.75"
Load Capacity 33 lbs (RS-532c legs)
44 lbs (RB-40 head)
Leg Sections 5
Leg Lock Type Twist-Lock
Manufacturer Warranty Free from defects in material or workmanship for a period of five (5) years from the date of purchase

Gunwerks Revic Stabilizer Hunter Tripod


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