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Phone Skope Optic Adapter - Swarovski STS, ATS, ATM, STM

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goHUNT Highlights 

  • Slip-on tight fitting ring for quality digiscoping
  • Connects to any Phone Skope phone case
  • Lightweight and easy to use

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Made of ABS plastic for a secure fit 
  • Fits onto the Swarovski ATS HD, STS HD, ATM HD, STM HD, STM HD, and the STR HD
  • The adaptor locks to phone case creating quality pics and video

Phone Skope's C3-033-A optic adapter is one of two required pieces. This adapter is made out of ABS plastic and locks into the Phone Skope phone case and slides over the optic eyecup, creating a secure fit.

NOTE: This optic adapter will not fit non-HD models

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Duskin Donaldson
Great Video

My bino adapter fits both my 15s and 12 nls perfectly! The pictures and video I’m able to capture are 100x better than just holding my phone up there by itself.

Rick Graham

Works well for the Swarovski spotter. Phone skope is a good product.

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