Axcel Landslyde Carbon Pro 5 Pin Bow Sight



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The Axcel Landslyde Slider Sight is a feature packed slider sight with Axcel's Rapid Adjust Knob and Quick Release.

Why we like this product
  • Two Adjustable Pointers now allows archers to set the gap for two Firepins inside the pin guard, moving targets just got easier to keep in range
  • For anyone looking for a sight to perform flawlessly and also hold true to Axcel Archerys ‘Tough as a Tank’ with high-quality CNC machining and assembly in the USA
  • Adjustable Dead Stop is Axcel's return-to-zero feature allowing archers to set the 20 yard or "home" position for the slider
  • Quick-Adjust Knob turns smoothly along the rail for precision adjustments and features a press-to-move rapid adjustment
  • Individual windage lock and adjustable elevation lock ensure your LANDSLYDE always holds its position
  • True 1st, 2nd, 3rd axis adjustment with 8 Metal Sight Tapes with 16 settings

The Axcel Landslyde Slider Sight is packed with features that make it the perfect hunting sight! The most notable feature is the Rapid Adjust Knob and Quick Release that slides the sight up and down along precision-made, whisper-quiet gear teeth. Push the Rapid Adjust Knob in to activate the Quick Release for rapid up and down movement or turn the Knob for precise fine-tuned yardage settings. The designers strengthened and extended the amount of windage travel on the super-precise dovetail bar. Secure all settings on the Landslyde with an individual windage adjustment lock and an adjustable elevation lock. An adjustable dead stop allows you to quickly access 20 yards or any other yardage setting, but works extremely well when used with the sight's two individually adjustable pointers.

Type Adjustable
Number of Pins 5
Adjustments 1st, 2nd and 3rd axis
Mount type Slider
Manufacturer Warranty Limited warranty

Axcel Landslyde Carbon Pro 5 Pin Bow Sight


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