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Wilderness Athlete Pack Out Bites

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GOHUNT Highlights

  • Delicious double chocolate brownie flavor
  • The perfect way to get some quick calories when you need to make one last push on a heavy pack out
  • High quality proteins that help you feel fuller, longer to keep you going on those long days in the mountains or everyday life

Manufacturer Highlights

  • 7g of High-Grade Protein
  • Low sugar with 69% Dark Chocolate Chips, cane sugar, cocoa butter, organic cocoa, and other natural ingredients
  • Perfect balance with the right fat, protein, and carbohydrates to give you 100 energy-rich calories in each bite
  • Low sugar content with the best ingredients make for clean energy that will make you feel better and keep you out longer

With just one bite you will feel stronger, happier, and disbelief that something this delicious could be this healthy. Whether it’s a 7-day pack-in hunt or a busy day full of meetings, a Pack Out Bite fuels the body as well as the mind.

Serving Size 1 Bar
Flavor Double Chocolate Brownie
Calories 100 per bar

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jacob Kenyon
#1 Go-To Backcountry Snack

These are my go-to when backpack hunting. They’re flavorful and don’t have those off putting whey tastes some bars do.

Robert Budworth
W/A pack out bites

I really like these a lot. They are dense like any other protein snack but very tasty. They remind me of a good brownie that got smashed in the bottom of your pack. Will buy again!

Tj Dorval

Wilderness Athlete Pack Out Bites

Paul Weisenbeck
good stuff

These bites are really good, like eating a small brownie with chocolate chips

Terry Wright
Extra boost

Good taste, not no real after taste like some energy bars have. Lots of chocolate, even chunks in the bites. Just what you need when you need a little more!

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