Gerber Vital Pocket Folder Replaceable Blade Knife

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- Weight: 1.3 oz., Blade Length: 2.8”, Overall Length: 6.9”
- The Vital Pocket Folder’s large finger choil and larger width give it a solid, comfortable grip
- It requires no extra tools for its blade replacement, so it doesn’t slow the action of field dressing

This knife features one of the safer and easier ways to switch out an old blade for a new one.  The surgically sharp blade cuts through game easily, and when the blade dulls you can replace it with one of the six included replacement blades. The orange handle is easily spotted in the dirt and brush. The rubber on the handle combined with the large finger choil adds stability even when your hands get wet.

Blades Included
Weight 1.3 oz
Type Folding/replaceable blade
Overall Length 6.9"
Blade Length 2.8"
Blade Thickness .03"
Blade Material Stainless steel #60 blades
Warranty  Limited Lifetime
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