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goHUNT highlights

  • Comfortable and extremely universal fit handle with a longer neck that is highly adjustable to cater towards hunters and target archers
  • Target quality thumb trigger release that is very simple to use and hunting scenario friendly with a self-closing jaw
  • Several adjustments are available to fine-tune the release to your shooting style

Manufacturer highlights

  • Self-closing jaw
  • Set screw tension adjustment system
  • Every Carter release has a CNC machined housing made from 6061 T6 aluminum
  • Warranty - One year limited warranty

The Carter 1st Choice is based on the extremely popular and versatile Too Simple. With the same comfortable and extremely universal fit handle as its predecessor but incorporates a longer neck. The length of the neck and release head matches the length of Carter's standard target models. With the self-closing jaw and set screw tension adjustment system of the Too Simple, the 1st choice is a target quality release which is simple and easy to use for the bowhunter, whether in a tree stand or on a stalk. 

Adjustable tension Yes
Adjustable barrel Yes
Jaw type Closed
Caliper type Single
Material Aluminum
Warranty One-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Mark VandenHeede
bow hunter

not a bad product wish it had trigger travel adjustment. the thumb button cant be adjusted back to where i like it in the very back of my thumb. made well will sell it and get one that has more adjustability

Great release, one small flaw

I've shot Carter's for years and there's a reason I keep coming back. The 1st Choice fits my hand perfectly, and I found it easier to fire with back tension than other Carter thumb buttons I've had in the past. Textbook Carter quality in the 1st Choice, with one exception. The button used to close the jaw travels far enough out of the handle upon release that it reveals an 1/8" gap where you can see the spring. I've run Carter's with much tighter tolerances than this, and still managed to get brush/debris stuck in that little window so I'm curious to see how long it takes me to bugger this one up. Not sure if this is a QC oversight, or a standard issue with this particular release.

A quality release

I ordered this release and received it a week later. I was very reluctant to drop $220 on a release, but I am so glad I did. This release is awesome! I am most impressed with how sturdy and precise this release is. It is most definitely a step up from cheaper releases I’ve used. If you’re serious about a thumb release that you can shoot with back tension, this is the release for you.

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