Ozcut Elite Series 2 Blade Broadheads

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goHUNT Highlights

  • Solid blade construction for whisper-quiet flight

  • No vents for silent flight

  • Tanto Tip design is excellent for bone contact

Manufacturer Highlights

  • One-piece construction

  • Designed for re-use with easy resharpening 

  • 1 1/8 inch cutting diameter

The unique blade design of the Ozcut Elite 2-Blade lends itself to excellent accuracy, large wound channels, and great blood trails.  A Tanto Tip design on the Elite helps deliver bone-crushing power when it is needed and one-piece construction creates an incredibly strong setup. These broadheads come pre-sharpened out of the package and are ready to hunt.

Type  Fixed Blade
Weight 100 grain
125 grain
Number of Blades 2
Cutting Diameter 1 1/8" 
Material Steel

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Flying spoon

My buddy bought 6 of these on recommendation from someone. After inspection he brought them to me as he said they were “Dull” . I’m 42 been hunting my whole life, never would I sell this head to someone to use to take a big game animal. They are extremely Dull from factory , their is no sharp edge on the head. Just a bevel, I smashed the factory head down on my arm till my skin was pushed in 1/2 inch and pulled it across , no blood, no pain, no anything , using these would be the equilivant of screwing a spoon to the end of your arrow , although these would probly fly a lil more true. In my opinion even after spending 1+ hours sharpening the first head to acceptable sharpness, they arnt pointy enough to get great penetration on a big game animal, specially a hog. This head is so blunt it will have to cut a lot of hair to enter the animal, wich will slow it down rapidly , and hog hair is very coarse and I wouldn’t be surprised if one of these half sharpened heads wouldn’t bounce off a big hog , get yourself something sharp and pointy, that will part the hair on entry . Just my 2 cents

Edge needs work

I was pretty excited to try these broad-heads, but was immediately disappointed when inspecting the blade edge. In some areas the edge was folded over and in others it had chatter. The tanto point wasn’t well formed and there was some variation between the 3 heads. I messaged the company on Instagram but never got acknowledgment.

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