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Stone Glacier Hydro Sling

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GOHUNT Highlights

  • Great option for keeping water bottles at the ready
  • Highly adaptable to a number of mounting options
  • Compatible with all Stone Glacier bags

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Designed to carry a variety of hard and soft water bottles
  • 500D Cordura Fabric
  • Made in the USA
  • Warranty - Lifetime

The Hydro Holster is an adjustable hydration pocket that will fit a wide range of hard and soft water bottles from a 32 oz Nalgene to a 1 L Vapur bottle. The Hydro Holster ride location can be adjusted for personal preference, from directly under your arm to back towards the side of the pack. The 3/4" webbing attaches to pack compression straps and/or shoulder straps in a variety of configurations allowing it to be used with many brands of packs, not just the Stone Glacier packs. The front strap loops around any strap or member of the pack, the back strap will "piggyback" off any compression strap with the 1" trislide.

Weight 1.6 oz
Capacity 32 oz Nalgene bottle
Material 500D Cordura
Manufacturer Warranty Lifetime

Customer Reviews

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I don’t love it

I don’t love it. And it breaks my heart to say so. I truly love all things stone glacier. Especially my pack. I love love love my stone glacier pack! So imagine my heartbreak when after many hours and miles I must admit that I do not love the hydro sleeve.
It is a afterthought design and doesn’t really work well with the pack.
1. It swings around and makes noise.
2. It bangs into my elbow while hiking.
3. Difficult to put a nalgine bottle back in the sleeve with one hand. Just overall not easy to access.
4. Due to the horizontal orientation of your water bottle, once half full the water sloshes around and adds to the noise of the entire thing clanking around.
5. The hydro sleeve webbing is one more thing to unbuckle and re adjust and move while converting the back to high mode. I can’t just get it set and leave it alone.
It would be much better if this had some webbing stitched on it and attached directly to your hip belt.

Anthony L
excellent quality, good idea

Stone Glacier does a great job with all they do, and this is no exception.
Picked this up for my Solo and easy access to my water bottle (tubes get caught on stuff), and was pretty satisfied with what it is.
Because it's suspended from two points rather than three, it does swing, and if you're running with a pack, it bangs the hell out of you (sometimes you need to hustle, ya know?), but otherwise it's a good add on.
Works very well for shed hunting and scouting with just a load shelf and an access bag or hydro pouch, and keeps the nalgene right where I need it--so I ultimately drink more H2O--.
There is some sloshing of the water in the nalgene, but it's not too bad because of the forward cant of the holster.
TLDR: good product, well made; can swing (ouch) and water can slosh (noisy).

Lukas Schmidt
Hydro Holster

Works great. I hate sucking out of a hose so having a bottle at hand and not having to take off the pack is awesome. Fits both nalgenes and smart water bottles. Easily adjustable.

Lee Sanford

I like it. Will use this season and see how it goes

Andrew Ramsay
Holds your water near, but is rough on the ear.

It took a little adjusting the find a nice carrying position that tucked it far enough behind the hip that it does not interfere with a free hanging hand while hiking. Unfortunately the forward cant carrying position creates a significant amount of slosh and noise. Quality is good as you would expect with SG.

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