Victory VAP Elite Arrow Shafts - 12 Count

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*Includes 12 arrow shafts

GOHUNT Highlights

  • A great micro-diameter arrow with incredible accuracy

  • Built to be tough and have increased penetration

  • Designed to be an accurate hunting arrow that has tremendous competition applications

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Micro diameter (.166 inch) for maximum speed and penetration

  • 100% high modulus carbon fiber for strength and durability

  • Victory's spine alignment process for increased accuracy and tighter grouping

  • Nanoceramic coating improves penetration and allows for easy removal from targets

  • Industry-leading straightness and weight tolerances

  • Includes VAP Shok aluminum insert (34 grain) and F - nock (6 grains)

  • Warranty - Workmanship or material defects

The VAP Hunting arrow has redefined industry standards for precision, penetration, and kinetic energy. These .166 micro-diameter arrows are far less affected by crosswinds at longer distances and incorporate extreme front-of-center technology to pack a serious punch. All Victory arrows are inspected for straightness and weight.

Spine 250 300 350 400
Grains per Inch 9.8 8.7 7.8 7.1
Outside Diameter .204" .237" .232" .227"
Inside Diameter .166" .166" .166" .166"
Factory Length 31" 31" 31" 31"
Quantity per Pack 12
Manufacturer Warranty Workmanship or material defects

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jason Archuleta
I only had two arrows let to hunt with. Everyone was sold out

I was looking for arrows for like two weeks all the shops are sold out. Found them on go hunt.
I ordered them thinking I will not have them in time for the hunt. But I was so happy when I got them with plenty of time to get them all tuned. And I shot a buck at 51y. Thanks guys for fast shipping.

brett bradshaw

Victory VAP Elite Arrow Shafts - 12 Count

matt goin
Perfect arrows

Literally the best arrows I have ever put together. There was 3 arrows out of the dozen that had the tiniest wobble and I mean tiny. Cut them to length and cut off the wobble off and Literally perfect arrows. Matched with 75 gr inserts, some sweet darts!

They work

They fly through the air and generally go where I think they should. Would buy again.

Keaton Habel

Victory VAP Elite Arrow Shafts - 12 Count

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