Shrewd Pivot Swivel Quick Disconnect

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GOHUNT Highlights

  • Allows shooters to fold stabilizers up at a 90-degree angle for easy storage in your bow case
  • Once folded up, a stabilizer can be used as a handle while hiking into your hunting spot
  • Includes 19” braided wrist sling

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Weight 3 oz
  • Allows front stabilizer to be a quick disconnect
  • CNC machined aluminum body with a durable anodized finish and stainless steel hardware
  • Made in the USA
  • Warranty - Lifetime limited warranty

The Shrewd Pivot Swivel Quick Disconnect allows you to fold up your front stabilizer to a 90-degree angle and makes storage of your bow easier. Can also be used as a handle while hiking and for getting through thick brush and undergrowth. Allows a quick disconnect for the front stabilizer with just a quarter-turn of your stabilizer and includes a braided wrist sling for added security.

Weight 3 oz
Material Aluminum with stainless steel hardware
Warranty Lifetime limited warranty

Customer Reviews

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Ryan Hansen
Great piece of gear

The Shrewd Pivot Quick Disconnect is a terrific accessory to have on any bow especially when you are running stabilizer that is 8” or longer. Being able to simply orient the stabilizer vertically to fit into the bow case or on your pack has helped with convenience of storing the front stabilizer and simply having a more compact hunting set up that isn’t gonna get hung up as you move through the brush.

Wade Stewart
Shrewd Works Like a Charm

Great design, well built. Got my stab out of the way while on my pack. Just what I needed. Highly recommend.

Corbin Davis
Great Product

Tested one out on my bow, what a great design! Using mine with a 15in shrewd stabilizer and it works perfect, just have to rotate a few degrees to get it to miss front sight. Ended up having to get another for my wife’s bow. Highly recommend!!

David Wagner

I thought that there would be more to it than unscrewing the stabilizer, shifting it 90 degrees, and re-screwing the stabilizer. I think that it would be better if the part that turns doesn't slide out of the unit, so that it rattles less when you change the direction. That being said, I like being able to fold my stabilizer and I'm keeping it on my bow.

Joshua Griffith
Great concept.

Will not work with a 10+ inch stab. It will hit the bowsight.

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