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Scott Legacy Release

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goHUNT highlights

  • The NCS connector strap allows you to customize the length to your specific needs 
  • The Hyper Jaw design equalizes the pressure on the loop while putting the least amount of torque on it during the shot for more consistency while practicing and in the field
  • The trigger sensitivity can be adjusted to suit your shooting style so you can find the best adjustment for your hunting scenarios

Manufacturer highlights

  • Auto closing Hyper jaws
  • Compact ergonomic body design provides a more comfortable and repeatable anchor
  • Proven Scott caliper roller sear design
  • Leather buckle strap
  • NCS connector strap system for infinite length adjustment

The Scott Legacy is a proven design. With its caliper roller sear design, each shot is consistently released. It's leather buckle strap and NCS connector strap gives you the ability to adjust the length to fit you perfectly. Also, its compact, ergonomic body provides a more comfortable repeatable anchor which leads to more consistent and better shots. 

Weight 4 oz
Adjustable Trigger Yes
Adjustable Length Yes
Jaw Type Full 
Caliper Type Dual Caliper
Wrist Strap Material Leather
Wrist Strap Connection Buckle
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