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Peak Refuel Chicken Alfredo

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goHUNT Highlights

  • Higher protein and lower sodium to keep you going on your hunts
  • The slim pouch design makes this a great option for the backcountry
  • Healthy and great tasting make camp life that much more enjoyable
  • A goHUNT staff favorite

When you are hunting, you want to be at your best! Peak Refuel premium meals are formulated to deliver the amazing taste you would expect on any adventure. Created with the best freeze-dried meals on the market – always using 100% real meat and premium ingredients to ensure you’re at your highest level wherever your compass takes you. Peak Refuel's Chicken Alfredo is the perfect combination of white chicken and pasta noodles in Alfredo sauce. It tastes so good that if you close your eyes while you eat it, you just might think you are in a restaurant instead of in the backcountry.

Weight 4.97 oz
Water Required 1 1/3 cups
Servings 2
Protein 44 g
Calories 690
Preparation Time 10 min

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Best Dehydrated Meal Ever

This stuff is the best Dehydrated food I have ever eaten. I have tried a couple from Peak so far and have been surprised by how good tasting they are.

Mac Griffith
One of my favorites

Very good. You could probably serve it to your girlfriend, tell her you cooked it, and she'd be impressed.

My Favorite Meal

This is easily my favorite dehydrated meal . Can eat these for many consecutive days on a hunt and not get tired of it. Find myself digging through my food bags and only pulling days with this meal.

Aaron Byrd
Best dehydrated meal so far

I would definitely recommend this meal. It is about as good as what you would make at home from a box or package.

Kyle Higg

The Chicken Alfredo is a great meal after a long day hunting.

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