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Mystery Ranch Hands Free Rifle Sling

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goHUNT Highlights

  • A rifle sling and backpack attachment incorporated into one

  • The magnetic sternum strap allows you to access your rifle quickly

  • Gives you the ability to carry your rifle hands-free when hiking into your hunting spot

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Anti-slip silicone on the inside of the sling helps keep the rifle in place

  • Ambidextrous sternum strap

  • Weighs just 9.6 oz

Meet the new Hands Free Rifle Sling by Mystery Ranch. User functionality, security, and safety are core elements the sling was built upon. An ambidextrous sternum strap allows for right-handed or southpaw shooters alike. Rifle sling grips your shoulder with textured, silicon backing, and the stock securely rests in the improved waist belt-mounted rifle stock containment unit. It serves as both a standalone sling or a functional hands-free system to allow for glassing or hiking with trekking poles while providing instant access to the firearm.

Customer Reviews

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Ryan Schroeder
Great add-on and keeps rifle where it's supposed to be

I bought the Hands Free Rifle Sling as an add-on to my Sawtooth 45 pack. At first the strap/buckle that ties the rigid piece of the system to the pack was relatively slick and would easily loosen while I've had the rifle slung, causing my rifle to roll out and off my shoulder. However, as I've worn the sling system's pieces in, the strap/buckle's friction has increased and now it's staying put where I've adjusted it to and it keeps the rifle in place much better.

I really like the sling itself and the strap that goes across the chest to keep the upper portion secured on your shoulder. The sling is not too thick and not too thin, making it nice shoot with from either off-hand or prone positions using a pack to steady the rifle. The sling has a tacky material that helps keep it on your shoulder/pack's shoulder strap and it really benefits from it, though it can occasionally slip and need to be adjusted. The magnetic quick release of the chest strap robust and definitely easier/quieter to use than say a buckle would - especially if you are wearing gloves.

It takes a little getting use to to unsling the rifle off your shoulder and then sling it back, but a little practice and it's really quite nice and easy to get the hang of. I think that for hunting in mountainous areas or where you're traversing topography that makes your shoulders and torso go in various directions, this piece of kit really helps keep the rifle steady and where it should be.

The first few outings with this sling were frustrating, as my rifle butt would slip or roll out of the rigid piece - making me cuss and say "hands free my left eye!" or something to that effect - but as the straps have worn in and I've used it more, I think that it's a great add on and worth the price. Just be aware that you'll need to wear it in and get used to using it before the hunt.

Leo Gosselin

Difficult to precisely adjust with the gun ,is not solid more of cradles the gun

Josh Whitney

Mystery Ranch Hands Free Rifle Sling

Gui LaRoche
Works great!

Got this to make the hike into/out of the hunts easier and love it so far! Have only used it for my shotgun turkey hunting but expect it to be even better come rifle season.

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