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Phelps Metal Bugle Tube External EZ Bugler

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GOHUNT Highlights

  • Perfect for entry-level callers
  • Provides more sound than a plastic bugle tube
  • Wrapped in a neoprene sleeve to help reduce glare and unwanted noise

Manufacturer Highlights

  • The aluminum adds durability while still remaining lightweight for the weight-conscious hunter
  • Engineered to meet the same frequency of elk
  • Weighs 16 oz
Manufactured as a one-piece aluminum bugle tube, the Phelps METAL balances the elk hunters' demand for a weight-conscious, compact design and the ability to project loud, crisp calls. The aluminum construction provides more sound than plastic and is engineered to meet the frequency of bull elk. With the EZ Bugler mouthpiece that uses the popular AMP frame, this call is perfect for entry-level callers. The bugle has been sandblasted, anodized black, and wrapped in a closed-cell neoprene sleeve to eliminate glare and unwanted noise.
Weight 16 oz
Length 20.5"
Diameter 3.25'

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Dave Hansen
Love this Bugle

The sound this bugle produces is awesome. I have used a number of different bugle tubes over the years, all great bugles. But I have never used a bugle tube that produced this kind of volume and power. I love it!

Brennan A.
Perfect EZ bugle

After struggling to learn diaphragm calling, this appeared on my radar and it has been amazing! Super easy to learn and is pretty versatile with what kinds of bugles you can do. Excited to try it out this fall!

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