Jetboil Stash Stove System

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GOHUNT Highlights

  • Great stove option for the most hardcore backpacker which gives you the option to leave a couple of ounces behind and is also extremely durable
  • Jetboil stove system that allows for an extremely quick boiling time despite the small, compact size
  • Cook pot handle is coated with a protective layer to help protect your hand from the heat and neatly folds away for perfect storage

Manufacturer Highlights

  • The lid has a hole for steam, so you can boil water faster and also see when it’s almost done
  • Four-ounce isobutane can snap in place to fit firmly inside the cooking system
  • Titanium stoves are notoriously lightweight and durable
  • FluxRing technology ensures a rapid 2.5 minute boil time

Marking the brand’s “lightest backpacking stove system ever”, the Jetboil Stash adds 7.1 ounces to a pack with the option to add 1 more oz with the plastic canister tripod. Hunters, hikers, and campers receive a titanium burner and a 0.8L aluminum cook pot with a lid that is 40% lighter than jet boils next lightest system. As the name implies, the components “stash” inside the cook pot — burner, fuel canister (100 g), and, if you want it, the stand. To do this, the fuel canister snaps into place under the lid, the stand folds together and sits at the bottom of the pot, and the burner has a fold-over flame-control arm to tuck in next to the fuel canister with a stash bag included.

Weight 7.1 oz
Ignition type Match
Dimensions 4.4" x 5.1"
Liquid capacity .8L
Boil time (per .5L) 2 min 30 seconds
Fuel type Isobutane-propane

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jetboil Stash

Weight savings is a plus and it's just slightly slower boil time than my MSR windburner, but at half the weight. Unsure of fuel efficiency....more time will tell.

James Milicia
The stash is the bomb!

Boils soooo fast!!! (As expected)….stows very well and is very light too😎

Sam Scharf
Solid stove

Light, compact, and efficient. No issues so far. Gohunt service was great as always.

Jake Howard
Worked great

Didn't use it enough to truly test its efficiency limits but got to a boil very fast at high elevation & cold temps.

Reis Ladd
Reis Jetboil Stash Stove

Just wish it came with fuel!

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