MSR TrailShot Pocket-Sized MicroFilter Water Filter



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GOHUNT Highlights

  • Perfect for the hunter on the move that needs immediate clean hydration
  • Weighing in at just 5.2 oz this filter fits perfectly in a pocket or belt pouch
  • Easy one-handed use can fill a 1-liter bottle in 60 seconds

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Meets U.S. EPA drinking water standards* and NSF protocol P231 for removal of bacteria (99.9999%), protozoa (99.9%), and particulates.
  • For those who are on the move and want to keep moving
  • Warranty - Limited lifetime warranty

Drink clean water on the go by stashing the ultralight MSR TrailShot Microfilter in your pocket or an easy to access spot in your backpack. The tiny water filter is designed so hikers can drink directly from sources along the trail for instant hydration and fill water bladders or bottles with clean water. The one-handed operation filters one liter of water in 60 seconds. Note: 75 pumps will fill a standard-sized Nalgene bottle. The TrailShot is also easy to clean. A few shakes help restore flow rates in the field; no tools required.

Weight 5.2 ounces
Packed Size 6" x 2.4"
Water Treatment Type Squeeze
Cartridge Life 2000 Liters
Flow Rate 1L/min
Effective Against Protozoa and Bacteria
Filter Pore Size 0.2 microns
Filter Method Advanced hollow fibers
Material(s) Silicone
Manufacturer Warranty Limited Lifetime

MSR TrailShot Pocket-Sized MicroFilter Water Filter


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