HydraPak 42mm Filter Cap

Get drinkable water on the go while in the backcountry with HydraPaks 42mm Filter Cap, which threads directly onto popular HydraPak Seeker reservoirs and other flexible bottles and flasks.

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Why we like this product

  • Removes common waterborne bacteria, such as Ecoli, parasitic cysts, and microplastics
  • Fast flow rate, 1L per minute with approximately 1500L of filtering capacity before it's time for a new one
  • 42mm thread is compatible with backpacking bottles like the Hydrapak Seeker or Flux flexible bottles
  • Dust Cover keeps your nozzle clean and is easily opened and closed with one hand
  • High-flow nozzle allows for effortless drinking on the go

Filter water on the go with the new HydraPak 42mm Filter Cap. It threads seamlessly onto all sizes of HydraPak’s 42mm threaded Seeker water storage bags morphing them into backcountry filtration solutions. The result is a lightweight filtration kit that can either squeeze filter potable water into other camp bottles and containers or drink freshly filtered water straight from your Seeker reservoir. The 42mm Filter Cap uses a 0.2-micron Hollow fiber filter providing a 1 liter per minute flow rate and effectively removes protozoa, cysts, and bacteria for up to approximately 1500L of filtered water. The 42mm Filter Cap is the perfect solution for fast and easy water treatment around camp or on the go.

Weight 2 oz 
Diameter 1.875"
Length 4"
Materials PP/POM, EPDM, Silicone, Hollow Fiber
Filter Type Single Stage <.2 micron hollow fiber
Flow Rate 1L per minute
Filter Life Approximately 1500L
Manufacturer Warranty Lifetime guarantee against manufacturing or material defects

HydraPak 42mm Filter Cap


Built by GOHUNT

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