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Scott Archery Verge Release

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The Scott Archery Verge is a back-tension style release with an index finger design.

Why we like this product
  • Back-tension style release with an index finger design
  • Adjustable two-finger trigger design
  • Single sear mechanic with adjustable travel 
  • Option for a pre-shot click
  • Pivoting swivel connector to reduce the torque while anchoring

The Verge features a slim, open hook design and is perfect for index finger shooters looking for a back-tension style release. The Verge release provides maximum comfort and ultimate versatility for archers. You can create a custom feel with the adjustable, two-finger trigger design. This allows archers the ability to execute a shot with numerous finger placement options depending on the shooter’s preference. The Verge’s single sear mechanic has adjustable travel and offers the ability to add a pre-shot click to create a custom-tailored shot. The auto return hook features a pivoting swivel connector to reduce the torque while anchoring for maximum accuracy while the NCS Strap accommodates all hand sizes.

Adjustable Trigger Yes
Adjustable Length Yes
Jaw Type Open
Caliper Type Single caliper
Wrist Strap Material Leather
Wrist Strap Connection Buckle

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