Victory RIP Elite Arrow Shafts - 12 Count



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How GOHUNT cuts your arrows

When cut, the length of your custom arrows is determined by measuring carbon-to-carbon.

Diagram showing arrow measurement carbon-to-carbon

Arrows cannot be returned once they have been cut

GOHUNT Highlights

  • .204 diameter arrows are built with high modulus 100% carbon fiber for increased strength and penetration, while minimizing wind drift
  • Elite arrow straightness tolerance is at .001 inch for incredibly straight flight with broadheads
  • Shok insert technology maximizes arrow strength and penetration

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Each dozen arrows weight-matched to .5 grains for shot consistency and tighter groups
  • Advanced 3K carbon weave for less torque, faster recovery of arrow flight, and tighter uniform spine consistency
  • Warranty - Workmanship or material defects

Looking for an arrow with the speed and accuracy of a small-diameter shaft but the durability and kinetic energy of a larger arrow? The RIP .204 small-diameter shaft reduces wind drift and the SHOK insert improves FOC balance while increasing penetration. This is one of the hardest hitting arrows in Victory’s arsenal to give you the confidence you need to let it RIP.

Spine 300, 350, 400
Grains Per Inch 8.8, 8.2, 7.5
Outside Diameter .265, .262, .258
Inner Diameter .204, .204, 204
Factory Length 31", 31", 31"
Quantity 12
Manufacturer Warranty Workmanship or material defects

Victory RIP Elite Arrow Shafts - 12 Count


Built by GOHUNT

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