Muzzy Trocar HB Hybrid Broadheads

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-4 blades with a total cutting surface of 2-5/8"
-Chisel tip
-Stainless steel ferrule and .035" thick blades

A broadhead designed to fly like a mechanical and penetrate like a fixed blade. The Muzzy Trocar HB Hybrid combines the Trocar chisel tip and proven 1" fixed-blade design with a pair of long 1-5/8" mechanical blades that deploy on contact. The blades combine to deliver a huge total cutting surface of 2-5/8" after impact. Stable and accurate flight over long ranges make this a great choice for the western bowhunter who wants the best of both worlds. 

Type  Hybrid 
Weight 100 gr
Number of Blades 4
Blade Thickness .035"
Cutting Diameter 1" fixed, 1-5/8" mechanical
Material Steel
Broadheads per Pack 3
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