Easton 4mm FMJ Match Grade Pre Fletched - 6 Count



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*Includes 6 arrow shafts

GOHUNT Highlights

  • The Full Metal Jacket arrow is a high strength carbon fiber core with a 7075 aluminum jacket
  • Small diameter shaft provides added kinetic punch for thick hide and bone
  • The FMJ has more grains per inch which produce a heavier arrow for maximum kinetic energy and penetration

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Easy target pull
  • Includes 4mm Microlite Nock (weighs 6 grains) and 4mm 8/32 aluminum half-out (50 grains)
  • Straightness ±.001”

Designed with a small diameter shaft, the 4mm FMJ from Easton Archery packs a massive one-punch knockout. Designed to break through tough hide and solid shoulder bones with ease the FMJ will not let you down this season. Built with an overall heavier shaft than other 5mm shafts from Easton, these arrows provide greater penetration. Each shaft comes equipped with (3) Blazer vanes.

Grains Per Inch 250 - 12.3
340 - 11.0
Outside Diameter 250 - .247"
340 - .240"
Inside Diameter 250 - .167"
340 - .167"
Factory Length 250 - 33"
340 - 32"
Quantity Per Pack 6

Easton 4mm FMJ Match Grade Pre Fletched - 6 Count


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