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Carter Evolution 20 Resistance Release

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*** The color of the release pictured might not be the color release you end up receiving. Carter sends us these releases in batches and the colors range from black, red, blue, and silver.***

GOHUNT Highlights

  • New and Improved version of the Carter Evolution
  • Improve your consistency at the range and in the field
  • Micro adjustability makes this release customizable to each individuals desire

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Weighs just 3.2 oz
  • Weight range from 8 lbs - 40 lbs of holding weight
  • Precise micro-adjustments
  • Warranty - 1 Year Limited

The Carter Evolution 20 3 finger resistance release is a modified version of the Evolution 3 finger release. Personalize the hold weight on this release down to the micro with a weight range of 8 lbs - 40 lbs. Weighing in at just 3.2 oz this lightweight release will not weigh you down. Tailor-made for the hunter who demands consistency shot after shot.

Weight 3.2 oz
Adjustable Trigger Weight Yes
Adjustable Length No
Jaw Type Open
Warranty 1 Year Limited

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Philip Elliott
Great Release, but still not a cure-all

This is an awesome release to help with target panic, but you can still let that anxiety creep in and rush through the pull of your trigger hand through the back wall. An issue I ran into (which I know is not a problem with the release) is that your first initial few shots break as soon as your finger is off the safety. This is due to inconsistent pulling against the back wall. Your first few shots you pull harder than your last few shots in a session. I had a tendency to set the release too tight and the more I shot the harder it was for me to get it to go off, until I started "making it go off", defeating the purpose of the release itself. I suggest having a pro shot setting it up 5-7 lbs over the hold weight of your bow and get good fundamental training. However, I have seen some of the best archers have a premature shot with this style of release.
Long story short, if you have a hard time getting your pin on target without punching the trigger, this will for sure help!

Joshua Switek

Carter Evolution 20 Resistance Release

Reid McCargar
Good training tool--would recommend but a bit noisy

Overall I'm very happy with this release after about three weeks of use. I find it much easier to anchor consistently with the hand held compared to a wrist strap/index finger release. I bought this release to help me achieve a more consistent shot routine and to reduce trigger punching. It has really helped with that, but in addition I've found the back-tension release is very useful for highlighting form problems. If my shoulder is scrunched up, it feels more uncomfortable when pulling back to make the shot break. If my grip is imparting torque, it's more apparent with back tension.

Despite highlighting form problems I wouldn't say this release is any less forgiving than a trigger release--it just provides a bit more helpful feedback as to why a shot might not have been great. My groupings are definitely better with this than a wrist strap release. It does help force a more methodical shot process.

The only reasons I'm giving 4 and not 5 stars are that the release is a bit noisy when cocking or firing and it would also be nice if it fully closed around the string. I see this release more as a training tool than a hunting release, but these two factors would be enough to make me think twice (if the general mechanism hadn't already) about trying to hunt with it.

Kelly Pennel

I feel it is a little bulky but works great. I also with it had some micro marks on the adjustment screw for reference points.


Love it...would like to get one alittle smaller for my daughter by chance is it available in pink or purple

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