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Black Gold Ascent Verdict 4" Dovetail Single Pin Bow Sight

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- Single pin slider sight that offers smooth and quiet adjustment. Dovetail mount allows you to find the sweet spot for peep alignment 
- 2nd, and 3rd axis adjustability
- Black Gold offers the brightest pins on the market

The Verdict model features 3rd axis adjustability and come with the X-Frame base that is stronger and lighter. Level Head sight ring is far easier to adjust, far more secure; can be customized to fit into top of sight ring. Indicator needle is index-able for easy re-sighting should your set up change. Splined vertical drive gear increases durability by 80% and provides a quieter, more solid feel. High performance PhotoChromatic shell - 80% tougher, changes color faster. This sight has more range and adjustability than traditional hunting movable sights and the angled (45°) sight tape can be seen from side or back. Precision 1st, 2nd and 3rd axis adjustability. Works great with one-piece quivers. Quick, smooth and quiet adjustment. Includes 4" Dovetail base.

Sight Type Slider
Number of Pins 1 pin
Pin Size .019
Weight 9.2 oz
Mounted Length 5.75", 6.25", 6.75"
Housing Size 1.75"
Adjustment 1st, 2nd & 3rd axis leveling
Material 6061 T6 Machined aluminum
Warranty Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee
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