Easton 5mm Axis Pre-Fletched - 6 Count



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The Easton 5mm Axis Pre-Fletched shafts are carbon small diameters arrows proven to fly faster and cut deeper.

Why we like these arrow shafts
  • Small diameter focuses energy into a small frontal area for less friction and greater penetration
  • Fletched with 3 Bohning Blazer vanes
  • A smaller side profile keep the arrow on target in crosswinds
  • Offers 24% more Kinetic Energy Density than standard diameter carbon arrows for more penetration for big game species
  • Straightness tolerance of ±.003 with weight and spine matched for top-level accuracy
Successful hunters anywhere can testify that using the 5mm Axis Pre-Fletched arrows equate to more downed big game. The 5mm Axis Pre-Fletched profile focuses the kinetic energy into an ultra-small surface area for less friction and thus greater penetration. The 5mm Axis Pre-Fletched penetrates deeper as the shaft passes through animals with less friction in the wound channel. The small diameter also means that your arrows fly much better in crosswinds due to the wind having less surface area to affect the arrow during flight. Easton factory fletched these arrows using 3 Bohning Blazer vanes in a 2 color combination allowing you to easily identify your cock feather. All that equals more broadheads on target in the field which means more meat in the freezer. 
Grains Per Inch 260 - 11.5
300 - 10.7
340 - 9.5
400 - 9.0
Outside Diameter 260 - 0.280"
300 - 0.275"
340 - 0.267"
400 - 0.264"
Factory Length 260 - 34"
300 - 32.5"
340 - 32"
400 - 31.5"
Quantity Per Pack 6

Easton 5mm Axis Pre-Fletched - 6 Count


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