Easton 4mm Axis Long Range Pre-Fletched - 6 Count



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The same industry-leading carbon Axis arrow now in an ultra-low profile 4mm micro-diameter shaft.

Why we like these arrow shafts
  • A micro-Diameter design with 100% carbon increases velocity
  • Reduced friction in flight and at impact to offer optimized FOC, enhance target penetration, and better accuracy at long range
  • 4MM nocks pre-installed
  • Factory fletched with Bohning Blazer vanes
  • 8/32 4mm aluminum outserts are included
  • Straightness tolerance of +/- .003″

The 4mm AXIS Long Range Pre-Fletched is engineered with a specific 100% carbon-fiber layup for increased velocity. Includes Easton’s new Aluminum point outsert to boost both strength and front-of-center, increasing accuracy at long range. Comes pre-installed with 4mm nocks. These arrows are factory fletched by Easton with Bohning Blazer vanes in a 2 color combination allowing you to easily identify your cock vane. These micro diameter arrows are a favorite, 100% carbon arrow that offers great penetration and accurate flight at greater distances.

 Grains Per Inch 250 - 9.8
300 - 9.3
340 - 8.3
400 - 7.4
Outside Diameter 250 - 0.244"
300 - 0.241"
340 - 0.234"
400 - 0.229"
Factory Length 250 - 33"
300 - 32.5"
340 - 32"
400 - 31.5"
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Easton 4mm Axis Long Range Pre-Fletched - 6 Count


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