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Black Gold Pro Hunter HD 3 Pin Bow Sight

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GOHUNT Highlights

  • Utilizes Black Gold’s Pro Sight Pins for more precise aiming and less target obstruction
  • Features a 45-degree faceplate so you can see your sight tape from any angle
  • Includes the Dial-of-Death so you can easily dial to the exact yardage

Manufacturer Highlights

  • 1st and 3rd Axis Micro-adjustability
  • The indicator needle is adjustable for easy re-sighting
  • 2x and 4x lens compatible
  • Warranty - Lifetime Guarantee

The Black Gold Pro Hunter HD offers a lightweight and precise sight built specifically for hunters. Featuring Black Gold’s Pro Sight Pins that create less target obstruction and a more precise aiming point. With 1st and 3rd axis micro-adjustability, you can get this sight 100% dialed so you can make an accurate shot when it counts most. Built with the Dial-of-Death, you dial out to the exact yardage of your target and the 45-degree faceplate allows you to see your sight tape at any angle.

Sight Type Slider
Weight 11 oz
Number of Pins 3 pin
Pin Size 0.019
Adjustment 1st, 2nd & 3rd axis leveling
Manufacturer Warranty Lifetime Guarantee

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
R Koch
Don’t buy

Complete junk... plastic gear broke inside side site so elevation could not be changed or set.... oh yeah I was in Idaho on my dream hunt and site was brand new.....

William DeVito
Great Sight - Especially for Whitetail

Pins are very thin and crisp. Sighting it in to 40 was very easy and to 60 wasn’t bad either but micro adjust capability would’ve made it even easier. If you’re shooting passed 60 I’d say go with the Pro Sight for the micro adjust feature, if you’re using it for whitetail only or just don’t shoot that far save the money and weight and buy this one.

Anthony Kremer
Dial of Junk!

Ordered my first and last black gold sight! The dial of death wheel adjustment was a huge disappointment. It’s difficult to turn and isn’t smooth at all. I was expecting smooth travel and even resistance when rotating the wheel. What I experienced instead was blisters and disappointment. Are all black gold dial of death sights difficult to move or did I just get a bad one?

Jeremy Gilliam
Perfect bow sight

Small pin rods, wheel of death, lightweight, and very accurate. What else could you ask for. Black Gold for the win again!!!

Good sight

Shipping was quick and the sight is as expected, high quality!

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